Making Time For the One Who's Always Had Time For Me

"Morning by morning, O Lord, You hear my voice morning by morning I lay my requests before You and wait in expectation."
- Psalm 5:3

This morning - Friday, January 2, 2015 - I'm preparing to make a quick road trip to Houston to see my parents. Mom and dad will celebrate 65 years of marriage at the end of this month. They are both in their mid 80's now and traveling is not an easy task for them. So today, Cindy and I will make time for two people who have always had timAe in their lives for me. 

It didn't matter how old I was or what the circumstances were - mom and dad have always been there when I needed them.
  • At eight years old when I was ready to run away from home countless times, mom was there sitting in my room while I packed my bag giving me the wisdom and knowledge of how to "survive" on my own. I'd need to get a job to make money to pay for a place to live and buy food. Her "wisdom" helped me realize that maybe I'd stay around a little longer
  • At 11 years old when I blew out the power to our entire area after attempting to throw a metal dog chain over the power lines and failed. Mom and dad were both there to "demonstrate" their love for me in a very not-so-gentle manner
  • At 12 years old when I hit the season-ending, game-winning home run to capture our league championship mom and dad were there to cheer me on
  • From 13-15 dad was there every spring and summer evening sitting on the hood of his car after a long day's work watching me practice baseball and never complaining about the 25 mile drive home each night
  • In high school mom was there at the kitchen table each school night helping me understand those crazy math problems that I could never understand
  • Every night - regardless of how late - mom was there on her knees lifting me up to my Father's throne and covering me in prayer
  • Even now as a grown man with children of my own, mom and dad have been there to lend an ear or a word of advice regarding some craziness in my life. 
  • And even now, I know that mom is still covering me in prayer each and every night
There is no doubt, that I have been blessed to have two parents who love me, care for me and have always made time for me. So today, I'm making time for them.

This morning - Friday, January 2, 2015 - I'm also preparing my heart to face the day by doing something that has been a not-so-consistent part of my daily regiment...spending time with my Heavenly Father. 

At so many turns in my life, God has been there waiting to hear from me and waiting to hold me close when all else around me seemed to be falling apart. He has been there to celebrate the good times and "wins" that have come my way, but He has also been there to hold my hand and dry my tears when it seemed like there was no way that I could make it through another day. 
  • At eight years old, He was holding my hand as I fearfully stepped out of the pew and walked the aisle to say "Yes Lord, I hear you calling." 
  • At 15 years old, He was standing right beside me on the mound as I pitched the final game of our season championship with a sore shoulder and hurting elbow
  • As a know-it-all 18 year old, He picked me up off the ground as my car was being towed off from what could have been a life-ending car accident
  • As a bulletproof 21 year old, He heard my cry for help as I curled up on my knees in my bathroom in New Mexico lost and alone and needing someone to talk too
  • At 32 years old as I sat in my living room in Plano wondering how I would be the earthly father my daughter would need, I turned to my Heavenly Father and re-dedicated my life to leading them on His path
  • As a 38 year old business owner, He was sitting across my desk from me as I wondered how I would make payroll and be able to pay my own bills while keeping a business afloat
  • As a 45 year old father and husband, He held my hand as I stepped out of the pew and walked the aisle and said "Yes Lord, I hear you calling" and committed to serving Him in ministry. 
There is no doubt that each and every time I've called on my Father that He has been faithful and just to hear my cry and answer. So today, I'm making time for the one who's always had TIME FOR ME. 

It's so easy to get caught up in the I have not's
The when's it comings, where's it at's
And I ain't got's
Lord please have mercy on this fool
And forgive my selfish heart

There's a difference in the things I want
And the things I need
And I know You know I know
You know what's best for me
I've gone everywhere I wanna go
'Cept for anywhere You are

Oh I, I've been all about me
Paid no mind, to the reason I breathe
I was all about the taking
Now the only thing worth making I believe
Is time for the One who's always had


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