Seeing Things With God-Vision 

But He said, "the things which are impossible with men, are possible with God." - Luke 18:27

As I sit here tonight and seek answers for the way around and over these mountains, God continues to refine, chisel and sand down rough spots. Some of those blemishes I knew I still had but didn't want to admit to having, while others He shines a light on are some that I didn't realize were still there. One of those that He's been revealing and sanding on lately is my understanding that His plan and vision for my life is a much bigger plan and vision than I could ever imagine (in other words, my lack of faith). 

God continues to work on me to understand that we limit the opportunities that He has for us because we are not willing to dream B-I-G. We are not willing to trust that He can and will continue to do what He's always done since the beginning of time - THE IMPOSSIBLE.

  • Create the universe out of nothing - DONE!
  • Have a 90-year-old woman (Sarah) and a 100-year-old man (Abraham) give birth to a son - DONE!
  • Use a young shepherd boy (David), a stone and a sling to kill a giant (Goliath) - DONE!
  • Part not one, but two bodies of water (Red Sea & Jordan) for the same ungrateful group of people - DONE!
  • Stop the sun from setting for an entire day (Joshua 10:13-14) - DONE!
  • Virgin birth - DONE!
  • Raise a dead person - DONE!
  • Heal a blind man, a cripple, a leper - DONE! DONE! DONE!
  • Feed 5,000 folks with a handful of fish and bread and have leftovers - DONE!

God is in the miracle working business. His word reminds us several times that "nothing is impossible with God." One of the places you can find that statement is reading the story of the birth of Christ - Luke chapter one. 

I've spent several years dreaming about what the future looked like and each of those dreams was based on my abilities and my goals and my desires. It wasn't until God had enough of my excuses and my plans and me doing it MY WAY that He finally stepped in this summer and altered my course to get my total attention. With that move and a lot of being still these last few months, He has caused me to understand that if my vision for my future can be accomplished by me alone, then it is not the true vision that God has put inside me. It may be the plan and vision that gets me what I want, but it will not ultimately be the plan that glorifies Him. God fills us with visions and plans that are virtually impossible to be accomplished in and of ourselves. He wants us to come to a place that we are utterly dependent on Him and Him alone. When we are empty of ourselves, that's when He can start doing what He does best - The Impossible. 

In the world we live in today, God continues to show me that what He needs most to accomplish His will - His good, pleasing and perfect will (Rom 12:2) - is simple people like you and me. Simple people who are ready to be recklessly devoted servants; sold-out, surrendered and completely empty vessels that are so committed to God's plan that when He does the impossible, we do all we can to share our "...BUT GOD" stories to anyone and everyone that will listen. God longs for folks like you and me that are ready to grab a hold of His vision and plan for our lives regardless of how impossible it may seem. The deeper the valley, the bigger His miracle will be as He lifts us up to that Mount Everest-like mountain top to shout His praises (Ps 50:15)!

Today, tonight, tomorrow, make time with Him a priority. Spend time talking to your Father about the dreams that He's placed in your heart that you have neglected. Maybe it's a new ministry; maybe it's a new career; maybe it's going back to school; maybe it's making the decision to quit work and give up half your income as a family so that you can be at home with your kids; maybe it's starting a new company - whatever it is, know that His will is a perfect will that has HUGE implications for His Kingdom.

Pray and seek His direction. Ask Him to open your eyes so that you can clearly see the vision He's laid out for your life - a vision that can only be accomplished through the miraculous movement of His hand. Then watch Him do The Impossible!


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